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New Single Tragic Innocence Released Worldwide.

Check out the first single, Tragic Innocence, from Again, the upcoming full-length album dropping the Summer of 2020.

This is the first recording with Lumen’s new studio band the Box of Dreams. If you like the tune, please share the link with fellow music lovers. The single will be available for purchase on all major internet vendors (itunes, amazon, spotify, yadda yadda, in the next couple days.

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Unveiled: New Album Cover for “Again”

"Again" by Lumen Jingos and his Box of Dreams

In advance of the Tuesday, May 5th worldwide release of the song, “Tragic Innocence,” the first single of the upcoming album, “Again”, please enjoy this preview of the album cover.

“Tragic Innocence” is an anthemic ballad with an irresistible Ohrwurm and a toe-tapping beat.

The song urges the listener to look inside and find the ageless inner child–the source of the energy that allows you to pursue and treasure your dreams.

The lyrical journey suggests the listener honor the past while embracing a future where dreams can sometimes come true.

“Tragic Innocence” will be available to sample and purchase via all major platforms, including Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and any other well-known vendor.

The nine-song album, “Again,” is targeted for release the summer of 2020.

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