Lucerna in Pluvia (Candle in the Rain) now available worldwide!

To celebrate Winter Solstice 2021, Lumen Jingos releases “Lucerna in Pluvia (Candle in the Rain)” the 3rd single from the upcoming album “Again.” Candle is a hauntingly beautiful tune about a spiritual seeker mired in the vacuous, materialistic globalist delusion.

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Candle in the Rain World Premiere Teaser

Check out the tease for the new Lumen Jingos song, “Lucerna in Pluvia (Candle in the Rain).” The haunting yet beautiful tune will be released worldwide on 21 December 21 11am Eastern on the Winter Solstice.

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Angel Mine Available WorldWide!

Angel Mine tells the story of two souls who met and shared a sublime, divine love. Every life that follows, the two parts seek to find each other and once again become whole.

Sing along with the video:

Please support independent music and buy Angel Mine:

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New Tragic Innocence video on YouTube–follow-along Lyrics (sing with Lumen!)

The Tragic Innocence single has FINALLY received worldwide distribution. The single is now on sale on Itunes for only 99 cents!

The multimedia team at One Less Toe Records produced a visually compelling lyrics video featuring some slow groove moves by the renowned interpretative dance artist EZ-EEE.

Support the true underdog indie artist Lumen Jingos. Purchase the single. Share the link for others to purchase the single. Share the video link so music fans worldwide can sing along to Tragic Innocence!

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Angel Mine World Premiere 13 July 21

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New Single Tragic Innocence Released Worldwide.

Check out the first single, Tragic Innocence, from Again, the upcoming full-length album dropping the Summer of 2020.

This is the first recording with Lumen’s new studio band the Box of Dreams. If you like the tune, please share the link with fellow music lovers. The single will be available for purchase on all major internet vendors (itunes, amazon, spotify, yadda yadda, in the next couple days.

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Unveiled: New Album Cover for “Again”

"Again" by Lumen Jingos and his Box of Dreams

In advance of the Tuesday, May 5th worldwide release of the song, “Tragic Innocence,” the first single of the upcoming album, “Again”, please enjoy this preview of the album cover.

“Tragic Innocence” is an anthemic ballad with an irresistible Ohrwurm and a toe-tapping beat.

The song urges the listener to look inside and find the ageless inner child–the source of the energy that allows you to pursue and treasure your dreams.

The lyrical journey suggests the listener honor the past while embracing a future where dreams can sometimes come true.

“Tragic Innocence” will be available to sample and purchase via all major platforms, including Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and any other well-known vendor.

The nine-song album, “Again,” is targeted for release the summer of 2020.

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Buona Notte Iago — 2 singles in the Top 60 Chart for European Indie Music!

Lumen has been busy writing and recording the follow-up album “Again” coming in Spring 2020. Sorry there has been so little postings to the site. This news is a welcome tidbit for Jingos fans: European Indie Music Listeners are digging the two singles from “Buona Notte Iago:” Kintsukuroi and Dragonfly. Both songs are in the top 60 rankings of the top 300 chart. Cheers Europe! Thank you so much!

Lumen Jingos album “Buona Notte Iago” charts 2 songs in European Top 60.
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Buona Notte Iago Available Worldwide

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2nd Single “Dragonfly” Released today

For Immediate Release 

Dragonfly, Second Single from Lumen Jingos’ New Album “Buona Notte Iago,” Releases Today.

Dragonfly, the amazing true story of a mother hacking the matrix to say goodbye to her first born upon her passing, drops today from OneLessToe Records. 

The irresistible americana-style song features a special guest star: Sharkey McEwen, the brilliant lead guitarist & singer from The Slambovian Circus of Dreams. Sharkey adds scintillating lead guitar and angelic high harmonies to the stirring tune. 

Lumen Jingos debuts his new EP Album “Buona Notte Iago” in its entirety as the opener for The Slambovian Circus of Dreams Friday August 16th 8pm at Jammin Java, 227

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